Introducing StackX - The most efficient way to organize and store LEGO bricks

Sometimes it's hard to find the right product to suit all your needs. Especially when it comes to storing and organizing your bricks and parts. To show why our product is so beneficial and worth paying a little bit more for, we have done a comparison to a popular product LEGO players use. Let's see how they stack up...

What else do you get with our boxes?

1. Fully Customisable Drawers

Arrange the compartments to fit any size/shape of brick.

2. Never lose a brick again!

With the free sorting instructions you will be able to find a specific brick in a matter of seconds. No more searching through tubs! (click here to find out more)

3. Stack drawers to fit in limited space.

The StackX can be built to suit any area, build upwards if limited on floor space or build outwards to fit under bed or on shelves.