Instructions for Organizing LEGO for Pro Collectors

Instructions for Pro Collectors

This instructions for Pro is the upgraded one for Senior instructions, in this section we will follow the same system for the Senior instructions, that is sorting bricks with same shape together, but we’ll introduce 2 new concepts, Design ID & Element ID and a Free Inventory Management Software to help you to precisely mange your bricks.

Design ID: All bricks with the same shape are under one Design ID.

Element ID: Unique LEGO bricks identification, it’s like the social security number of an individual brick. The element ID is made up of the combination of shape & colour of a LEGO brick.

Below is an example of 2x2 bricks with different colours:

(they have the same design ID of 3003 as they’re the same shape; but have different Element ID as their unique ID for a particular brick.


As Pro collectors we believe you will have a few thousand different LEGO bricks and you may already have your own way to record or manage these bricks e.g. Excel or a note book, here we’d like to introduce to you a Free Inventory Management Software which will give you a very accurate way of keeping track of your LEGO bricks and Minifigures.

As a LEGO collector, you may have bought some LEGO bricks on Bricklink at some point, but the Bricklink you know is the buyer page, now I’ll introduce the seller page as below.

Below is our Inventory page, we’ll still take 2x2 brick as an example:


How to find Unique Element ID?

1st way: 

When you buy a LEGO set, the last page of instruction will have all the bricks with their element ID under the brick image.

2nd way:

You can find the Design ID on all LEGO bricks, then you can visit LEGO website here  to find the corresponding element ID



How to input my brick inventory to this Free Brick Management Software (Bricklink),

Basic idea is to input all your bricks into the bricklink sytem with their ‘’Element ID’’ and ‘’Drawer number/location’’, and upload them into ‘’Stock Room’’, in this way your brick will not be seen by buyers.

After you set up a Bricklink Shop, please follow below the step-by-step instructions to add your bricks into Bricklink System:


  1. Find your bricks and follow the above ways to find the ‘’Element ID’’ of your brick, make sure you have the Element ID with you before you start to input your bricks in system.


  • Visit, on main page, top search bar, type in your element ID and search,

It will show the specific brick with Colour details, please only Click “Colour” to find the right brick; otherwise the system will show various colours of this brick.


2) After you’ve clicked “Colour”, the system will show you all the details of this brick, then please click the “Add to Inventory” button.


  • In the Inventory adding page, you can add “Element ID’’ in the Comments section; and ‘’ Drawer number in Remarks section. Then fill rest of required info like quantity and price (price couldn’t be less than 0.01), please ensure you choose “Stockroom” as items in stockroom are not listed for sale, then you can click ‘’review’’ in the bottom page and upload, this brick will now be in your Bricklink system.


After you input all bricks in the system, how do you find a specific brick in this system?

  • My inventory page—search for Element ID


  • If you don’t remember Element ID, then you can search with ‘’Design ID’’ as it’s on the back of each LEGO brick, search in My inventory page and find your colour


  • If you can remember your Drawer number, you can find your bricks with the Drawer number.


On the Bricklink main page, hover your mouse over the icon in the top right of the page that says “My Store”, then on the dropdown, please click the “Inventory” button.


On inventory page, you can click “Remarks”, then fill in your “Drawer number” and click “go” button, all bricks in these drawer will show up.


  • If you remember nothing about your brick, you can choose “My Store” → “Inventory”, on the inventory page click “Stockroom” button so all your bricks in your inventory will show up.


Tips:  After you input all of your bricks into the Bricklink system, you can download on the bottom of the My inventory page – download to an offline excel.

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